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General questions

  • Why did you create this website? There are many job boards for employers to list their vacancies, but many of these sites are expensive we are looking at advertising vacancies for small business. We are looking at a funding model which would mean employers could advertise at no cost.
  • How can you do this for free? We are looking at a social enterprise set up, any profits will be used to create more jobs.
  • Who is the Masked Recruiter? The Masked Recruiter has been involved in employment and community services for over 35 years, but there is team of people who will be communicating between employers and job-seekers, who will remain anonymous.

Job-seeker questions

  • What is customised employment? Many small business need all rounders, so a job description may be hard to develop, so we want to know what skills the job-seeker has as well as interests and match them to the duties the employer wants performed.
  • How do I apply for a job? Register on here and create a resume, but more importantly look for advertised jobs, there be a job where you can some of the tasks but have an interest in that industry, so contact us and we will talk to the employer for you. If we see a job we think you may be interested in we will call you.

Employer questions

  • How do I place a job? Its simple, just register your business online and start advertising, its free.

For other questions that not included in this page, please contact us.

About Us

e-employment provides a dedicated space for job postings by equity employers offering exclusive employment.

*Please note that the owners of this website do not validate the employers who post on this website.

NAFWAM Pty Ltd does not accept any responsibility or liability for the contents of any job posting or the accessible nature of the jobs posted.  



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